First german Israel Congress Frankfurt, 31.10.2010
Prior to the Conference, the organizers and supporters of the first German Israel Congress have passed this declaration:
“Together for Israel”
In a time when support for the only democracy based on the rule of law in the middle east is dwindling both in politics and society, we declare our unshakable friendship with the democratic and free jewish State of Israel.
We look upon German middle east policy with growing concern.
Whilst confessing Israel's right to exist which keeps being evoked as part of Germany's raison d'état, the concrete solidarity with Israel is rather subdued. Worse: one – sided demands are adressed at Israel only.
The German federal parliament on June 30th, 2010 passed a decision without a dissenting vote about “investigating the events around the gaza flotilla- improving the situation of people in Gaza
supporting the middle east process”, a declaration that makes the biase more than obvious.
We condemn in the strongest terms this resolution that one – sidedly burdens Israel. After it became known who took part in the flotilla, amongst others the djihadist and terrorist IHH with links to Hamas, we would have expected the German parliament (Bundestag) rather to pass a resolution condemning the left party politicians taking part in the flotilla as well as the turkish government for it's protection of the enterprise.
What makes it worse is that the unanimity through all party fractions in parliament is so unique to that issue. A similar unanimity does not exist in German society when it comes to important topics such as measures against antisemitism and hostility towards Israel, the fight against islamism and a push for tougher sanctions on Iran.
Given Germany's history, to demonstrate such unanimity just when it comes to make totally biased demands against Israel can only be considered an affront against Israel.
With the 1st German Congress for Israel “Together for Israel” the signatories of this declaration want to set a clear sign against this policy. We are asking policy makers in Germany
– to vigorously counteract the unveiled antisemitism of the Iranian regime, amongst other things
by making sure that further heave economical and political sanctions be imposed on the Islamic
Republic of Iran and be obeyed
– to vigorously support the motion from CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen on
27.10.2010 to act for the release of Gilad Shalit (since the passing of the resolution those same
parties have decided to not pass the motion....)
– to renounce giving smart-alecky advice to the State of Israel, that has had to struggle for it's
survival for sixty years, on how it has to defend itself against threats and terror.
Despite the differences between the signatory organizations, be they jewish, christian or secular, we all stand “Together for Israel” and therefore
– against the growing deligitimization of Israel, that has started to make it's way to Europe, for
example through academic boycotts or the support of gaza-flotillas.
– Against a German middle east policy that single sidedly condemns Israel, as we have recently
seen through the parliament's resolution from 30.06.2010.
Israel, you are not alone!

Furthermore we have formulated these demands to society and the political class:
• We demand a clear commitment to Israel's right to exist in peace and freedom in recognized and secure borders with the undivided capital Jerusalem
• We demand from the German-Israeli group of members of parliament, to be more active when it comes to show solidarity with Israel. This can happen trough official declarations or through celebrating an annual Israel day in the German house of parliament. It should also be active in support of expert comittees and hearings on how to broaden cooperation with Israel. The
parliamentary group should vote against anti-israeli or biased resolutions.
• We demand an uncompromising engagement when it comes to take measures against antizionism and antisemitism as part of integrating foreigners into german society. The Definition of Antisemitism by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (formerly EUMC) which has already been recognized by the Bundestag should be applied in that process.
• We demand that the Bundestag fights for the liberation of Gilad Salit. The motion that has been put on the table recently is by far not sufficient. Hamas has to be requested directly, concretely, with no conditions and clearly to end this hostage taking which violates human rights.
• We demand from politics and business, especially the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, that business ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran be no longer entertained. Every aid towards their infrastructure must be stopped, especially in the energy and high tech sector. The faild “critical dialogue” with the Mullahregime and it's president must be stopped on all cultural and
other levels
• We demand that the Bundestag passes efficient economic sanctions, if necessary without European partners, that is alone. We demand that the Iranian revolutionary guards be put on the list of terrorist organizations. We, 60 NGOs, consider the regime in Tehran criminal and inhuman. President Ahmadinejad’s denial of the Holocaust is contrary to German law. With his
almost daily threats to destroy Israel, he goes against any moral and supposed German raison d'état, to never allow a Holocaust against the Jews again.
• We demand that the public and private media give less room to supporters of Hamas policies or of “dialogue” with this terrorist organization (according to official declarations by Federal Chancellor Merkel, the EU, the USA and the  UN). We also demand that members of Jewish and Israeli minority groups such as the so called “Jewish voice for a just peace in the middle east” are not given disproportionate room for showing themselves off. With their positions they are neither representative of the Jews living here nor for the majority of the Israeli people. All too often the media pass the stage to persons without any relevance for “the Jews” or Israel.
• We demand that policy-makers and all parts of society strengthen and deepen the relationship to Israel as the only rule of law based democracy in the middle east. We demand more exchange of pupils, more travel to Israel, more partnerships between towns and more scientific and cultural exchange.
The trade with Israel should be supported through information and more attractive conditions for small and middle sized companies.